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(20-12) I'm back in Holland now, miss the weather in Melbourne though.

(2-12) Added another Gallery to the Gallery page. BBQ and party photos.

(28-11) The Forum is working again, and I made a link containing my flight information.

(25-11) Uploaded heaps of photos from Central Australia

(23-11) I will be leaving Melbourne returning back to The Netherlands on december 18th. My flight is scheduled to arrive at Schiphol on the morning of friday the 19th.

(21-11) Photos of Tasmania and other nice things can now be admired in the gallery!.

(20-11) Afraid of Dutch People? Click here.

(12-11) The first couple of photos from my Central Australia trip can now be gasped on in the gallery. I have high hopes that the others will follow soon despite my hard yakka for the exams.

(9-11) I'm back again! This time from a week in Tasmania where I explored Hobart and toured the island. An update will be published as soon as the forum is back online (Mark hurry!). In the meantime I'll work on the photos of this trip and Central Australia (almost done). Oh yeah, I have to start opening my books for the exams now. :)

(7-10) I'm back! I wrote a little journal of my experiences on the trip, which y'all can read in the "Text Update" in the forum. It was a great trip which showed me a lot of things in Australia that I didn't knew existed. Photos will be up later.

(19-11) Well the forum finally works again, so I put the last text update there as well. I will be away for the next two weeks, on a trip to Central Australia, so I won't be available online.

(12-11) Since the forum isn't working, I published my seventh update on the forum page.
What are you waiting for ? Go read it! .

(7-9) Just wanted to let you know that there are some problems with the server the forum runs on. Unfortunately, this has caused some delay in the publishment of my next update. Please be patient my friends.

(6-8) Well after reading the stories you can now enjoy the photo's of my journey on the East-coast of Australia. If you have any comments or questions, use the forum. I also made a link area on the front page to link to other people in Melbourne wanting to share their photo's. So far there are only two links, so if you have a website and would like to be included e-mail me.

(27-7) After four weeks of travelling along the east coast of Australia, I've returned back to Melbourne. You can read all about my experiences in the Text Updates on the forum. I'll try to get the photos developed asap. The route that I took was: Melbourne - Sydney - Byron Bay - Harvey Bay - Airlie Beach - Cairns - Melbourne. I had a really good time.

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